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About me


My interest is in building a high-performance database management system(DBMS) that supports ever-increasing users and data more efficiently.


With interest in various engineering methods, I studied Computer Science at Uppsala University and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Tokyo. Exploring a wide range of fields, my passion for DBMS grew as I realized my strengths were designing software and programming to solve discrete algorithmic puzzles.


I have two significant experiences regarding DBMS.

One is my individual project of building a DBMS that can parse SQL, join the tables, and return the aggregated output from scratch in C++.

Second is the distributed database development at Google Summer of Code (GSoC), where I implemented a distributed key-value store using a library called riak-core-lite under the supervision of the Erlang Community.


I have been researching databases at three institutes.

One is at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I research high-performance databases under the supervision of Professor Xiangyao Yu, known for his research on transaction systems. I also lead the development of the new database system that we are developing in the lab.

The second is at Cybozu Labs, Inc, which is a software company in Japan, where I research concurrency control. I have built multiple concurrency control protocols under the supervision of my mentor Takashi Hoshino.

The third is at the University of Tokyo, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, where I research time-series databases under the supervision of Professor Koichi Hori and Professor Takehisa Yairi. I study fast similarity search of time-series data using dimensionality reduction by deep metric learning.

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Email: wattlebird[at]gmail.com


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